The last stoppers club

Moscow, Russia


What's that, you say?  What is Last Stoppers?

Well, it's an informal gathering of expats and friendly Russians, who like to have fun and explore new places.

A lot of you may be bored of the same old hangouts in the city center, and want to see a bit more of the "real" Moscow .  Well, on the Last Saturday of each month, the laststoppers gathers at one metro station near the center, then we take the metro to the last stop on the line.  When we get there, we explore and find some cool place to hang out, eat, drink, and be merry!

The key here is to enjoy what "Little Moscow" has to offer.  Surly waitresses, weird appetizers, menus only in Russian, dances with babushkas, et cetera.  It's the type of fun for people who like to create their own fun (or to hang out with others who do).

The environment is adventurous but safe -- you'll be with a group of expats, and Russians who love expats.  So you don't even have to speak fluent Russian!

Anyone who's interested, simply meet us in the pre-determined metro station on the Last Saturday of each month at 8pm, in the center of the station.  When you hear people talking in English, you know you've found us.  We leave at 8pm sharp!

All are welcome!

What it is

Next Stop: Saturday January 27th, we are off to the end of the yellow line. Our destination is Novokosino.