The last stoppers club

Moscow, Russia


We observe the following traditions in the following countries :

  1. Germany - The drinking age, for the most part, is overlooked.

  2. UAE - We love foreigners

  3. England - The goal is world domination.

  4. France - We always point loud, obnoxious Americans in the wrong direction.

  5. USA - Freedom fries, baby!

  6. Ireland - Once the drinking starts, we don't stop until one man is left standing.

  7. Austria - We have to emigrate to have fun.

  8. USA -We choose which rules to follow.

  9. Russia - The Rules constantly change.

If you want to add a tradition to the Last Stoppers for your country,send an email to


Next Stop: Saturday January 27th, we are off to the end of the yellow line. Our destination is Novokosino.