The last stoppers club

Moscow, Russia

  1. The Last Stoppers meet the last Saturday of every month

  2. The last stop is where they force you to get out of the train.  Should a new metro station be built, the line becomes re-virginized.

  3. If in doubt, walk away from the center of Moscow.

  4. When in doubt, drink.

  5. Putin, Medvedev, all Czars, and anyone with Terrible in their name is an honorary member.  All future Russian presidents are subject to discussion.

  6. At the end of each night, an MVP will be chosen by those in attendance. 

  7. The MVP selects the next Last Stop location and leads the group. 

  8. The MVP must look on the website to ensure the group visits a un-visited last stop.

  9. There is a last stop.


  1. Tipping nicely is mandatory.

  2. All attendees share costs.

  3. We “Go with the Flow”.

  4. No moaning/compiling/fighting will be tolerated.


Next Stop: Saturday January 27th, we are off to the end of the yellow line. Our destination is Novokosino.