The last stoppers club

Moscow, Russia


The origins of the Last Stopper Club in Moscow are mysterious....

All we know is that once a month a group of dedicated expats cast away the "pafosness" of downtown Moscow to explore what the outskirts have to offer. They long for the Real Russia - provincial Russia - yet they are forever confined to Moscow where a giant sucking sound emanates throughout the city courtesy of brain drain and money soaked new Russians.

Yes, they long for beautiful Russia, a different Russia. A place where the babushki scold and belittle you out of the goodness of their own hearts. A place where the locals drunkenly throw their arms around you and talk absolute nonsense for hours on end. A place where there is almost always good times, beautiful women and lousy beer.

Yet, this is as close to Real Russia as they can get without buying a train ticket and disappearing for an entire weekend. Once a month, they jump on the Metro and go to a new Last Stop.

We meet the Last Saturday of every month. Our slogan is simple, "Last Saturday. Last Stoppers."

Join us!

Next Stop: Saturday January 27th, we are off to the end of the yellow line. Our destination is Novokosino.